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Please find below news from France and Monaco as well as about organisations from these countries.

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Abalos Therapeutics GmbH. (10/14/21). "Press Release: Abalos Therapeutics Completes Series A Extension Bringing Total Raised to EUR 43 Million". Düsseldorf. 2021-10-14
Pierre Fabre S.A.. (10/7/21). "Press Release: Talem Therapeutics Announces Multi-Target Antibody Discovery Research Collaboration with Pierre Fabre". Victoria, BC & Castres. 2021-10-07
iOmx Therapeutics AG. (10/5/21). "Press Release: iOmx Therapeutics Raises EUR 65 Million in Series B Round". Martinsried. 2021-10-05
Atara Biotherapeutics, Inc.. (10/4/21). "Press Release: Atara Biotherapeutics and Pierre Fabre Enter Strategic Collaboration to Commercialize Tabelecleucel (Tab-cel)". South San Francisco, CA & Castres. 2021-10-04
Aglaia Therapeutics. (9/27/21). "Press Release: New Startup Aglaia Therapeutics Raises €4M in Seed Funding to Overcome Resistance in Oncology Targeted Therapies". Villejuif. 2021-09-27
Sartorius AG. (9/27/21). "Press Release: Sartorius to Expand Business Operations in North America". Ann Arbor, MI. 2021-09-27
Jeito Capital. (9/20/21). "Press Release: Jeito Capital Becomes Key Player in the Financing of Life Sciences in Europe with the Closing of Jeito I at €534 million ($630 million)". Paris. 2021-09-20
Clean Cells S.A.S.. (9/15/21). "Press Release: Clean Cells Invests over €13M in New Biopharmaceutical Production Site". Montaigu-Vendée, near Nantes. 2021-09-15
TreeFrog Therapeutics S.A.S.. (9/13/21). "Press Release: TreeFrog Therapeutics Secures $75M in Series B Financing to Advance a Pipeline of Stem Cell-derived Cell therapies and Deploy Proprietary C-Stem Technology in the USA & Japan". Bordeaux. 2021-09-13
Diaccurate S.A.. (9/8/21). "Press Release: Diaccurate Acquires Clinical Stage Sole-in-Class Targeted Cancer Therapy from Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany". Paris. 2021-09-08
Forbion Capital Partners. (9/1/21). "Press Release: Forbion Appoints Nanna Lüneborg as a General Partner". Naarden. 2021-09-01
Tissium S.A.. (8/31/21). "Press Release: Tissium Raises €50M in Series C Financing to Propel Its Platform to Commercial Stage". Paris. 2021-08-31
Afyren S.A.S.. (8/26/21). "Press Release: Afyren, the Innovative Greentech for Sustainable Chemistry, Announces Its Planned IPO on Euronext Growth® in Paris [Not for US, CA, et al.]". Clermont-Ferrand. 2021-08-26
Valneva S.E.. (8/23/21). "Press Release: Valneva Commences Rolling Submission to MHRA for its Inactivated, Adjuvanted COVID-19 Vaccine". Saint-Herblain. 2021-08-23
Valneva S.E.. (8/11/21). "Press Release: Valneva Initiates Further Phase 3 Clinical Trial for its COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate". Saint-Herblain. 2021-08-11
Sanofi S.A.. (8/3/21). "Press Release: Sanofi to Acquire Translate Bio, Advances Deployment of mRNA Technology across Vaccines and Therapeutics Development". Paris & Lexington, MA. 2021-08-03
T-Knife Therapeutics, Inc.. (8/2/21). "Press Release: T-Knife Therapeutics Announces $110 Million Series B Financing to Advance Pipeline of T-cell Receptor Therapies". San Francisco, CA & Berlin. 2021-08-02
Sofinnova Partners. (7/31/21). "Press Release: Sofinnova Partners Closes €63M ($75M) Oversubscribed Medtech Acceleration Fund". Paris. 2021-07-31
Novacyt S.A.. (7/29/21). "Press Release: David Allmond Announced as CEO Following Decision by Graham Mullis to Retire". Paris & Camberley. 2021-07-29
Valneva S.E.. (7/29/21). "Press Release: Valneva Appoints Peter Buhler as Chief Financial Officer". Saint-Herblain. 2021-07-29
Sartorius AG. (7/29/21). "Press Release: Sartorius Acquires Cell Culture Specialist Xell AG". Göttingen. 2021-07-29
Jeito Capital. (7/28/21). "Press Release: Jeito Capital’s Dr. Rafaèle Tordjman Appointed to Promote the French Biotech Ecosystem". Paris. 2021-07-28
Metagenomi Inc.. (7/28/21). "Press Release: Metagenomi Appoints Simon Harnest as Chief Investment Officer". Emeryville, CA. 2021-07-28
Artios Pharma Ltd.. (7/27/21). "Press Release: Artios Announces $153 Million (£110 Million) Series C Financing Led by Omega Funds and TCG X". Cambridge & New York, NY. 2021-07-27
AXA Investment Managers. (7/26/21). "Press Release: AXA IM Alts Raises €1.9 Billion for European Life Sciences Investments". 2021-07-26
Voluntis S.A.. (7/23/21). "Press Release: Voluntis Announces the Execution of a Share Purchase Agreement between Its Reference Shareholders and Aptar Regarding the Acquisition of a Majority Stake in Voluntis at a Price of €8.70 per Share". Cambridge, MA 2021-07-23
Abivax S.A.. (7/23/21). "Press Release: Abivax Announces the Pricing of Its Oversubscribed Capital Increase of EUR 60M and Convertible Bonds of EUR 25M, Totaling EUR 85M New Financing". Paris. 2021-07-23
Coave Therapeutics (Horama S.A.). (7/21/21). "Press Release: Coave Therapeutics Closes €33 million ($39 million) Series B Financing to Develop its Gene Therapy Pipeline and Next-Generation Vectors based on its AAV-Ligand Conjugate Platform". Paris. 2021-07-21
Dopavision GmbH. (7/14/21). "Press Release: Dopavision Closes €12 Million Series A Round to Advance Digital Childhood Myopia Therapeutic Through Clinical Trials". Berlin. 2021-07-14
Micropep Technologoies S.A.S.. (7/8/21). "Press Release: Micropep Raises EUR 8.5M (USD 10M) in Oversubscribed Series A Financing to Develop Innovative Small Peptide Solutions for Agriculture". Toulouse. 2021-07-08
Valneva S.E.. (7/6/21). "Press Release: Valneva Strengthens Management Team, Appoints Vincent Dequenne as SVP Operations and Joshua Drumm as VP Investor Relations". Saint-Herblain. 2021-07-06
University of Paris. (7/5/21). "Press Release: Université de Paris – the Institut Pasteur Association. A World-class partnership in research and teaching in the field of health biology". Paris. 2021-07-05
Sartorius AG. (7/2/21). "Press Release: Sartorius Strengthens Product Portfolio for Cell and Gene Therapies by Acquiring a Majority Stake in CellGenix". Göttingen. 2021-07-02
Tissium S.A.. (7/1/21). "Press Release: Tissium Appoints Romain Attard as Chief Financial Officer". Paris. 2021-07-01
MoonLake Immunotherapeutics AG. (7/1/21). "Press Release: MoonLake Immunotherapeutics Appoints Jorge Santos da Silva as CEO and Matthias Bodenstedt as CFO". Zug. 2021-07-01
NFL Biosciences S.A.. (6/30/21). "Press Release: NFL Biosciences Raises €5.0M, Following Its Successful Initial Public Offering on Euronext Growth Partis [Not for United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia or Japan]". Montpellier. 2021-06-30
Sofinnova Partners. (6/30/21). "Press Release: Sofinnova Partners Announces Three New Investments from Its Fund Dedicated to Italian Scientific Research". Milan. 2021-06-30
Stilla Technologies S.A.S.. (6/30/21). "Press Release: Stilla Technologies Strengthens Executive Team with Appointment of Matthew Grow, PhD, to Vice President Global Marketing and Commercial Operations". Boston, MA & Paris. 2021-06-30
Xenothera. (6/29/21). "Press Release: French Biotech Xenothera Accelerates Its Development with Fundraising of 20 Million Euros". Nantes. 2021-06-29
Sanofi S.A.. (6/29/21). "Press Release: Sanofi Launches Dedicated Vaccines mRNA Center of Excellence. Approximately €400 Million Investment Annually". Paris. 2021-06-29
Pixium Vision S.A.. (6/25/21). "Press Release: Pixium Vision Appoints Experienced International Financial Executive Offer Nonhoff as CFO". Paris. 2021-06-25
Abivax S.A.. (6/23/21). "Press Release: Abivax Reports Excellent Phase 2a Clinical Safety and Efficacy Results with 50mg ABX464 in Rheumatoid Arthritis". Paris. 2021-06-23
Uniqure N.V.. (6/22/21). "Press Release: Uniqure to Acquire Corlieve Therapeutics and Advance its Gene Therapy Program to Treat Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (TLE)". Lexington, MA, Amsterdam & Paris. 2021-06-22
908 Devices, Inc.. (6/22/21). "Press Release: 908 Devices Announces New Data Integrations with Key Industry Partners to Accelerate BioProcess Data Insights". Boston, MA. 2021-06-22
Voluntis S.A.. (6/22/21). "Press Release: Exclusive Negotiations Regarding a Potential Acquisition of Voluntis by Aptar to Expand in Digital Therapeutics". Cambridge, MA & Paris. 2021-06-22
PerkinElmer, Inc.. (6/22/21). "Press Release: PerkinElmer Agrees to Acquire Viral Vector Gene Delivery Leader Sirion Biotech". Waltham, MA. 2021-06-22
Demy-Colton. (6/21/21). "Press Release: Demy-Colton Announces BioFuture Conference to Be Held at Cure, Deerfield’s Vertical Innovation Campus in New York City". New York, NY. 2021-06-21
Servier. (6/16/21). "Press Release: Servier and PRISM BioLab Enter Drug Discovery Collaboration for a Novel Target". Paris & Tokyo. 2021-06-16
Mnemo Therapeutics (FR). (6/16/21). "Press Release: Mnemo Therapeutics Announces €75 Million Series A to Accelerate Next Generation Integrated CAR-T and Epigenetic Targeting Platform". Paris. 2021-06-16
Alentis Therapeutics AG. (6/15/21). "Press Release: Alentis Therapeutics Raises USD 67 Million in Series B Financing". Basel & Strasbourg. 2021-06-15
Jeito Capital. (6/15/21). "Press Release: Jeito Capital Becomes Key Investor in Alentis Therapeutics as Part of $67 Million Series B Financing Round". Paris. 2021-06-15
HiFiBio Therapeutics. (6/14/21). "Press Release: HiFiBio Therapeutics Closes $75 Million Series D Financing to Accelerate Pipeline with Two Lead Immuno-Oncology Programs and Validate its DIS Approach in the Clinic". Cambridge, MA, et al.. 2021-06-14
Advent France Biotechnology S.A.S.. (6/8/21). "Press Release: Advent France Biotechnology Appoints Sidonie Fabre as CFO". Paris. 2021-06-08
Pharnext S.A.. (6/7/21). "Press Release: Pharnext Announces a New Financing Through a Convertible Bond Program for a Total Amount up to €81 Million Gross". Paris. 2021-06-07
Amyl Therapeutics. (6/3/21). "Press Release: Amyl Therapeutics Closes €18.3 Million Series A Financing to Develop Novel Therapies for Amyloidosis". Liège. 2021-06-03
Macrophage Pharma Ltd.. (6/1/21). "Press Release: Macrophage Pharma Appoints Dr Venkat Reddy as Chief Executive Officer". Windsor. 2021-06-01
Veracyte, Inc.. (6/1/21). "Press Release: Veracyte to Acquire HalioDx, Positioning for Global Cancer Diagnostics Growth". South San Francisco, CA. 2021-06-01
Jeito Capital. (5/27/21). "Press Release: Jeito Capital Leads Oversubscribed $92 million Series C Financing Round in Pulmocide". Paris. 2021-05-27
Pulmocide Ltd.. (5/27/21). "Press Release: Pulmocide Raises $92 Million in a Series C Financing to Fund Registration Program for PC945". London. 2021-05-27
Swixx Biopharma AG. (5/20/21). "Press Release: Swixx Welcomes Mérieux Equity Partners as Minority Shareholder and Announces €45 Million Capital Increase". Baar. 2021-05-20
Valneva S.E.. (5/11/21). "Press Release: Valneva Announces Closing of $107.6 Million Global Offering". Saint-Herblain. 2021-05-11
Valneva S.E.. (5/10/21). "Press Release: Valneva Announces Full Exercise of Underwriters’ Option to Purchase Additional ADSs, Bringing Gross Proceeds of Global Offering to $107.6 Million". Saint-Herblain. 2021-05-10
MoonLake Immunotherapeutics AG. (5/6/21). "Press Release: MoonLake Immunotherapeutics Announces Publication in The Lancet". Zug. 2021-05-06
Valneva S.E.. (5/6/21). "Press Release: Valneva Announces the Pricing of its Initial Public Offering on Nasdaq". Saint-Herblain. 2021-05-06
Cytoki Pharma ApS. (5/5/21). "Press Release: Cytoki Pharma Raises $45 Million Series A Financing". Copenhagen. 2021-05-05
MoonLake Immunotherapeutics AG. (5/3/21). "Press Release: MoonLake In-licensing and Launch". Zug. 2021-05-03
Valneva S.E.. (4/29/21). "Press Release: Valneva Announces Launch of Proposed Global Offering, Start of the Roadshow and Nasdaq Listing". Saint-Herblain. 2021-04-29
Kaia Health Software GmbH. (4/28/21). "Press Release: Kaia Health Raises $75 Million Series C to Optimize MSK and COPD Care in the U.S. and Europe". New York, NY. 2021-04-28
DNA Script. (4/27/21). "Press Release: DNA Script Partners with Moderna to Develop On-Demand Vaccines and Therapeutics for DARPA". Paris & Cambridge, MA. 2021-04-27
Andera Partners. (4/27/21). "Press Release: Andera Partners Strengthens Its Presence in the DACH Region". 2021-04-27
Mablink Bioscience S.A.S.. (4/27/21). "Press Release: Mablink Bioscience, the Next Generation ADC Company, Raises €4 Million from a Syndicate of Private Investors". Lyon. 2021-04-27
Bayer AG. (4/20/21). "Press Release: RAGT and Bayer Sign an Agreement to Develop Hybrid Wheat Seeds for European Markets". Rodez & Monheim. 2021-04-20
SparingVision S.A.S.. (4/20/21). "Press Release: SparingVision Expands Novel Ocular Disease Pipeline with Acquisition of Gamut Therapeutics". Paris. 2021-04-20
Synendos Therapeutics AG. (4/20/21). "Press Release: Synendos Therapeutics Expands Series A to CHF 24 million with New Investment". Basel. 2021-04-20
Evotec SE. (4/20/21). "Press Release: Evotec Accelerates Access to Biologic Therapeutics with Initiation of Manufacturing Facility in Toulouse". Hamburg. 2021-04-20
Goodwin Procter LLP. (4/20/21). "Press Release: Goodwin Extends Premier Life Sciences And Technology Platform to France with the Addition of Partner Anne-Charlotte Rivière". 2021-04-20
Lumicks Technologies B.V.. (4/16/21). "Press Release: Lumicks Raises $93 Million in Series D Financing". Amsterdam. 2021-04-16
Link Medical Research AS. (4/14/21). "Press Release: Link Medical Strengthens Its Position in Germany as a Strategic Gateway between Europe and the Nordics". Berlin. 2021-04-14
Kurma Partners. (4/13/21). "Press Release: Jean-François Rivassou Joins Kurma Partners as Partner". Paris. 2021-04-13
ImmunOs Therapeutics AG. (4/12/21). "Press Release: ImmunOs Therapeutics AG Receives Public Funding from Eurostars and Innosuisse for a Novel Therapeutic Antibody to Treat Inflammatory Rheumatic Diseases". Schlieren. 2021-04-12
TreeFrog Therapeutics S.A.S.. (4/12/21). "Press Release: World first – TreeFrog Therapeutics Announces the Production of a Single Batch of 15 Billion iPS cells in a 10L Bioreactor with Exponential Amplification of 276-fold per Week". Bordeaux. 2021-04-12
Sanofi S.A.. (4/9/21). "Press Release: Sanofi Acquires Tidal Therapeutics, Adding Innovative mRNA-based Research Platform with Applications in Oncology, Immunology, and other Disease Areas". Paris & Cambridge, MA. 2021-04-09
Hologic, Inc.. (4/8/21). "Press Release: Hologic to Acquire Mobidiag, Innovator in Near-Patient, Acute Care Diagnostic Testing, for Approximately $795 Million". Marlborough, MA. 2021-04-08
Valneva S.E.. (4/6/21). "Press Release: Valneva Reports Positive Phase 1/2 Data for Its Inactivated, Adjuvanted COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate, VLA2001". Saint-Herblain. 2021-04-06
Promega Corporation. (4/1/21). "Press Release: New General Manager at Promega GmbH. Hans-Joachim Müller Takes Over Business from April 1, 2021". Walldorf. 2021-04-01
Qlucore AB. (3/31/21). "Press Release: Qlucore Secures SEK 30 Million (USD 3.5m) for International Expansion". 2021-03-31
Pyxis Oncology, Inc.. (3/30/21). "Press Release: Pyxis Oncology Closes $152 Million Series B Financing to Further Advance Portfolio of Biologics". Cambridge, MA. 2021-03-30
Cell-Easy. (3/29/21). "Press Release: Cell-Easy Strengthens Executive Team with Two New Highly Experienced Members". Toulouse. 2021-03-29
Enterome S.A.. (3/24/21). "Press Release: Enterome Receives FDA IND Clearance for EO2463, an ‘OncoMimic’ based Immunotherapy Targeting Liquid Tumors". 2021-03-24
Step Pharma S.A.S.. (3/24/21). "Press Release: Step Pharma Raises EUR35 Million in Series B Financing to Advance First in Class CTPS1 inhibitor into the Clinic in T Cell Malignancies". Archamps. 2021-03-24
DNA Script. (3/23/21). "Press Release: DNA Script Names Philippe Lyko as Chief Financial Officer". San Francisco, CA & Paris. 2021-03-23
Augustine Therapeutics. (3/19/21). "Press Release: Augustine Therapeutics Strengthens Board of Directors and Sets Up Scientific Advisory Board". Leuven. 2021-03-19
Alligator Bioscience AB. (3/18/21). "Press Release: Alligator Bioscience Appoints Søren Bregenholt as New CEO". Lund. 2021-03-18
Life Sciences Partners (LSP). (3/18/21). "Press Release: LSP Announces Closing of Upsized $120 Million Nasdaq IPO of European Biotech Acquisition Corp (EBAC) Targeting European Biotech". Amsterdam. 2021-03-18
Augustine Therapeutics. (3/18/21). "Press Release: Augustine Therapeutics Appoints Sylvain Celanire as CEO to Accelerate Development of Innovative Medicines for Rare Neuromuscular Diseases". Leuven. 2021-03-18
Vaccitech Ltd.. (3/17/21). "Press Release: Vaccitech Completes $168 Million Series B Financing to Advance Three Clinical Programs Through Phase 2 Results". Oxford. 2021-03-17
Seekyo S.A.S.. (3/17/21). "Press Release: Seekyo Raises over €650,000 from Business Angels and Bpifrance". Poitiers. 2021-03-17
Advent France Biotechnology S.A.S.. (3/17/21). "Press Release: Advent France Biotechnology Appoints Alejo Chorny, PhD, as Operating Partner and Head of New Spanish Operations". Paris & Barcelona. 2021-03-17
AgomAb Therapeutics N.V.. (3/10/21). "Press Release: AgomAb Therapeutics Raises $74 Million Series B to Advance Regenerative Pathway Modulators". Ghent. 2021-03-10
Enterome S.A.. (3/10/21). "Press Release: Enterome Strengthens Its Leadership Team with the Appointment of Anne Dagallier as Chief Business Officer". 2021-03-10
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